June 29, 2016
Category Name Application
Forging lubricants for Steel Graphitex® 108 Universal forging lubricant for hot and warm forging
Graphitex® CR 720 K Perfectly stable and concentrated graphite dispersion for an improved flow of steel
Graphitex® CR 7 Perfectly stabilized “ready for use” forging lubricant for improved process reliability
Graphitex® CR 28 Very fine and highly concentrated graphite dispersion; forming of thin, smooth and even lubricating film
Graphitex® CR 288 Concentrated graphite forging lubricant for large, difficult and heavy parts
Graphitex® 930 Universal and concentrated graphite lubricant for a wide range of application for hot and semi-hot forging
Forging lubricants for Aluminium Graphitex® CR 25-9 Forging lubricant for aluminium and non-ferrous metal