HT 300 Chain Oil

July 3, 2018


STELLA HT300 is a food grade High Temperature Chain Lubricant is based on highly polar biodegradable base oil and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long wet film life at high temperatures.

The highly polar molecules strongly adhere to the surface and withstand high temperatures, at the same time separating the moving parts due to its highly viscous lubricating film maintained at these high temperatures.

STELLA HT300 is designed for the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running continuously at high temperatures, up to 300°C, and short periods up to 320°C, on textile stenters, drying machines, bakery ovens and on paint stoving chains.
Outstanding Features

  • Long fluid life at high temperatures, which provides maximum lubricant economy
  • Does not form hard carbon deposits (See photo attached below)
  • Excellent load and anti-wear properties (Anti-ware test at 50kg for 2 hrs cf std test 40 for 1 hr)
  • Miscible with most ester based fluids
  • Highly polarised molecules providing excellent lubricity

Directions for use

Although usually applied by automatic lubricators, STELLA HT 300 can be applied by hand if so desired.
Technical Data (typical values) 

Appearance Clear liquid
Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM 4451)@ 40oC cSt 220 cSt.
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 95
Specific Gravity 0.98
Pour Point oC -25°C
Shell 4 Ball (IP239) Weld Load Scar Diameter 50kg for 1Hr 200kg
Temperature Range -20 to 300°C (320°C short periods)
Flash Point Open Cup oC 300°C
Auto ignition temperature ASTM D2155-66 >350°C

All ingredients are FDA listed. STELLA HT 300 is NSF H1 registered and meets the USDA 1998 H1 Guidelines.
This product does not contain genetically modified ingredients, nut oil or nut oil derivatives.